There seems to be great things afoot in the Haskell community, more specifically in the lens camp. Don't know what a lens is? Here's the perfect introduction, by Gabriel Gonzalez: Haskell for all: 'Lenses'. It also has the merit of being rather recently posted.

At Planet Haskell a few blog posts about more powerful versions of this concept have caught my attention, the source URL:s of these being

The lens packages fclabels and data-lens are not particularly friendly for the new user since they are lacking a basic 'how-to', but the introduction by Gabriel Gonzalez goes a long way at remedying this. There is more material coming up from him, he says, but he wants to

wait for the more recent lens discussions on reddit to settle down because it looks like more powerful versions are on the way.

I can only assume the Reddit discussion is connected to the above comonad.com and r6.ca blog posts since I can't be bothered following a long discussion on Reddit for the time being.

It's an interesting time to be a Haskeller, even if it's of the wannabe variant — yes, reference to self intended. On the other hand, it could be argued that it's always interesting to be a Haskeller...